Wednesday, July 27, 2011

First entry....a little about me!

Yay! I've been thinking of doing a blog for a while now. Why did I finally do it? Well, I have these conversations in my head. A lot. Nothing to worry about, lol. (I'm not crazy!) Just thoughts of what God has shown me, taught me, how He has grown me. And our beautiful family. My mom told me several, several months ago (and again more recently, as well as a friend mentioning it) that it would be good to start journaling. Especially anything related to my walk in Christ. It's so good to look back and be reminded of all things...hard or easy, good and bad. Nice to see and remember His awesomeness in my life. Agreed, Mom! ( I am so blessed to have a wise and Christ-centered mother!) So, here we are. I prefer typing to writing now-a-days. Plus, most likely, if I kept an actual notebook/ would get lost, ripped, water damaged (the water ones happens quite a bit here) or any other many destructive things! And this would be despite my best attempts to keep it out of reach of the littler ones. 

So, again, here we are. A little about me... As of this entry I am 32, a stay-at-home and home-schooling mama. Blessed beyond measure to have been married to my wonderful hubby Chris, for over 12 years with four sweet children. Our eldest is Julia, who is 11 (turning 12 in November). This year has been especially amazing watching her bloom into a wonderful young lady. Growing into who she will be, and growing more and more in Christ (my most heartfelt desire!). Next is sweet Alyssa who is 7 (8 in November). She too has been really changing this year. Growing more into an older sister role, though she still plays the little sister often. Gabriel is 4, turning 5 in just a couple weeks. My wonderful son I SO longed for! I SO wanted a boy!! Though now I'd have to say I am thankful for mostly girls! Ha-ha!! Ah, yes, girls. That brings me to our littlest princess, Liana. She is 7 1/2 months now. Amazing how the time both seems to fly by and stand still. Only having a baby can do that for you, I think! LOL. I thank God for her daily. She was prayed for for years. Through two especially hard years, both that ended with miscarriages. Then, we were told at one point getting pregnant was practically guaranteed not to happen. But our God! Oh, our God is so good!! An Awesome and Mighty God! Only through Him, and His glorious kindness, we were blessed with our little miracle Liana Grace. Liana is Hebrew and means "My God has answered" and Grace means "unmerited favor" or "undeserved". Perfect! For truly, God has answered with undeserved favor indeed! Though that really could sum up all of our lives, couldn't it??

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